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Human Beings are Products of Genetic and Environmental Programming

When u look around what do u see....

U see this u see that...and a lot of other things....and u hear and u smell and u taste and u feel......
The five sense organs of a human being are the windows to the outside Universe.

What u perceive outside your self are all impressions that the windows of your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and nerve endings on your skin gather.

Your brain and body is gathering data through these windows at a phenomenal rate and speed...

It is even gathering data and processing it even when you are not aware of the information coming in through these windows....

For example, many a times one is physically there but mentally somewhere else....and even in those moments the brain and body is gathering data without u being aware....

Mind you, the brain and body is also gathering data even while u r asleep.

This has been happening right from the point of conception in a Human Female Womb......

All that your Female Parent saw, heard, smelt, tasted, felt have seeped into you in those nine months and the data is stored. 

This continues out of the womb.....the doctor, the nurses, the relatives in the hospital where u land....then the people at home....the people outside the home...the television...the surroundings that u visit...the school...the teachers...the classmates...the television again constantly....the ads...the serials...the movies....the data in school textbooks....the places u visit, the newspapers...books, movies, data on the internet, glamour world peers, pop rock movie stars, world leaders, achievers, college...again new friends....teachers again.....the situations that come one after the other throughout your life....the people in those situations...the people missing in those situations...the emotions attached to the situations and the people.......etc etc......

All this external data that is loaded into the brain forms the basis for what I call Environmental Programming of your self.   What it means is that every human being is constantly being programmed by the External Environment.
Just like how software programming is done and loaded onto a computer.  The computer has then little choice but to perform exactly as per the programming.

Similarly Human beings think speak and act out on the basis of this Environmental Programming that is continuously going on throughout their lifetime.  It continues till one Exits the Physical Body.

A simple example:

People who grown up environmentally in slums or downmarket locations...Generally how do they think speak act.....There may be minuscule exceptions but that is not the rule...

People who environmentally grow up in a very religious ashrams convents madrassas, gurudwaras, synagogues, cults....Generally how do they think speak act.....There may be minuscule exceptions but that is not the rule...

People in middle class environments in apartments, condos, who live the routine regular school, college, job, home loan, EMI life......
Generally how do they think speak act....There may be minuscule exceptions but that is not the rule...

People who grow up in super luxury environments.....Generally how do they think, speak, act......There may be minuscule exceptions but that is not the rule...

People who grown up in violent conflict the Middle East or black ghettos in the US or South America or the conflict zones of Africa or a tightly closed country like North Korea....Generally how do they think, speak, act......There may be minuscule exceptions but that is not the rule...

People who live in so called progressive LIBERAL countries....
People who live in developing countries....
People who live in underdeveloped countries....
People who still live in forests and mountains and islands...aborigines, tribals...

Generally after watching a television program or a movie or a game or a religious discourse or a political speech do people behave for some time....

This is just a simple example....There are a zillion complex factors that go into this programming....


There is another Programming called Genetic Programming.

This is the genetic material that one gets from ones parent's.  23 chromosomes each from one parent to make 46 chromosomes.

46 sounds like a very small figure.  But every cell (there are zillions of them) in your body has them......

Hold your breath, these 46 chromosomes are made of genes and each gene is made of zillions of DNA and the entire DNA in a human body (the brain is part of the body) is so so so large in quantity ...that if you lay it out end to end can extend from one end of the Universe to the other end......
So now u get an idea of how much information Human DNA can have....

This is just like the data that is stored in silicon chips in computers....Silicon is an inorganic atom...... and DNA is an organic molecule....(A recent research has found that in the near future scientists will be able to store data on DNA molecules much more efficiently and in greater quantities than a silicon chip....even in a water molecule)....

So bottom-line is u come with phenomenal amount of information stored in your DNA that u inherited from both your biological parents.
All this information determines your physical, mental, emotional, social, economical..... characteristics as well as every single event and experience in ur life every millisecond to millisecond from the Point of Conception to Dissolution (death).

It determines the nature of the events that u experience, the kind of people in those events, the stimulus that these events and the people in those events create, and also your response to those situations....

So, a human being (so much like a computer that has emotion, reasoning etc etc ) is a COMPLETE PRODUCT OF GENETIC PROGRAMMING AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMMING.

In simple terms, a human being lands on Earth with a body with a brain/spinal cord  (that is just a combination of particles, atoms, molecules, complex molecules..... made up into complex cells, organs in a body bag)....and an operating system (software like windows) plus other softwares......

This OS and the software is the Genetic programming + Environmental Programming.  This software is constantly being written, modified, rewritten, overwritten........

Every night when you go to bed and lie down on your back, relaxed....take calm relaxed breaths through your nose (not the mouth)....Watch your breath for a minute.....Then take a flashback of the days Events and Experiences from the Moment you woke up in the Morning until the Present Moment....Watch it like a Movie with alll the People and other Objects in the Day's Events as well as Yourself Experiencing and Responding to the Events.....Carefully replay it and THINK:

Are u experiencing and responding to the events of the day independently or are you doing so automatically.....Were the responses coming just automatically....

Similarly so with most of the events of the day and our life....Human Beings just function in AUTOPILOT mode....

This is what I mean by human beings being and living out their lives as products of GENETIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMMING.


Our responses to situations and the way we experience situations is dependent on our STATE OF MIND at that moment.


All of us have a basic State of Mind as a we are introverts or extroverts or something in between....we are loners or very social...or in between....we are humble or egoistic or something in between....we are smiley or grumpy or something in between....etc etc...

Also, from moment to moment, against this backdrop we have a state of mind that changes as we move from event to event and have different people come in and go out in those events in life....

Ultimately, it is our state of mind that governs how we respond to situations....


Simply said, every moment we are creating our FUTURE...OUR SO CALLED DESTINY.....

So what am I saying....

In an nutshell...



............And also DETERMINES a human being's STATE OF MIND

Which in turn DETERMINES HOW A HUMAN BEING WILL EXPERIENCE events and situations in his life and HOW HE/SHE WILL RESPOND TO IT

Which in turn will then DETERMINE THE EVENTS  IN THE FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OR SO CALLED DESTINY of that human being......

In such a case, is there a free will, is there a choice....or is a human being living a predestined predetermined life in the larger predestined Human Society on a predestined Earth in a predestined Galaxy in a predestined Universe....????

Monday, August 31, 2015

How did the Human Race Land on Earth or Are we Just Living an Illusion - Dream? - 3

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Every human being dreams either during the day, called as day dreaming or at night called just dreams.

Day dreaming during the Waking State or as it is called Imagination is just a conscious creation of thoughts in the mind.  These thought patterns basically stem from some physical desire.

It is just processing of data stored in our hard disk (brain) or information stored at the cellular level (we cannot be sure which one or both),.

This involves A Data Recall and Processing this Recalled Data to create virtual events in the mind towards fulfillment of a physical desire.

This dream is very much within the physical universe - Just as we are within the realm of the physical universe - But it is as real as a movie on a movie screen or a television show on a television.

It seems to be a real experience from point A (the start) to point B (the end)...
Point A (birth of the dream) --------------------------to point B (death of the dream).

As the day dream ends and we wake up back in the real physical world, we know for sure that it was an illusion or a dream.  In that short span of dream time, we go through so many THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS.  Yet at the end of it all it is just an illusion.

We go through multiple such states of illusions every day of our lifetime.

In most cases, we remember these ILLUSORY EVENTS only for a short period of time and then it cannot be recalled, but yet they get copied, stored, indexed into our hard disk (brain and/or cellular level).  For all you know, one may even recall this illusion at a future point in time for whatever reason...


Dreaming during the Sleeping State is again the same recall and processing of data.  The only difference is that it is not a conscious process and seems to be out of our control.

It seems to be more of a subconscious event or an auto-pilot event than a conscious effort towards imagination.

There is also the fact that sometimes we dream about people and places that we never seem to have met or known or seen in our real physical world.

However, even though we may not remember having met, known or seen such people and places....
The stark reality is that all the zillions of bytes of data coming through our five senses or windows to the outer Universe is constantly being stored in our hard disk at the brain level and/or the cellular level....
So, these people and places are part of the stored data, though we might not have consciously noticed them at the visual level.

The dream is not that you see in sleep , dream is which does not let you sleep. ~Dr. Abdul Kalam  (Former President of Republic of India)

As we convert to the Waking state from the Sleeping state, we again realize that this experience of dreaming was again just an illusion.

The point that I am trying to make is that within this lifetime on planet earth we are experiencing Multiple States of Illusions every day and night...

Birth of an Illusion - Experience of the Illusion - Death of the Illusion - Back in the real physical world...
Again Birth - Experience - Death...and so on....

Within all these states there is so much thought/emotion involved, pain, hurt, joy, happiness, anger, envy...Everything that we experience in the so called real Waking State of Life...


So, what if our entire existence in the physical universe itself is a dream...

"The Dream of taking Birth...

Our entire life itself which may be A Great Illusion - With Multiple Conscious Illusions (Daydreaming in the Waking State)....
And Multiple Auto-Conscious Illusions (Dreams in the Sleeping State) within it.

The Dream of Dying..."

Infinite Quotes - Meetville

These Events/Experiences in this huge dream or illusion of Life or Existence on this planet may not be under our control.

It could be more like the dreams we have in the sleeping state.
It could even be  a mix of waking dream state and the sleeping dream state.
When the events are compulsive and just happening mechanically completely out of our control, it could be like the sleeping dream state.
When there are events where we seem to be using our will power or conscious effort, it could be like the waking dream state.
We do not know.
This is just a CONCEPT.

So, where are we going to wake up after this huge illusion?  We do not know.

Yet, if one has faith in some CONCEPT or CONCEPTS ...
And is pursuing A SPECIFIC PROCESS OR PROCESSES (Sadhana in Sanskrit) around these CONCEPTS...
Then we may have the ANSWERS to WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHERE, WHEN, WHETHER, WHO, WILL????....
And we may know where we may be after the end of this GREAT ILLUSION.

The important thing to realize is that if indeed this existence is a huge illusion, then, we surely know what to do with the seemingly real GREED, ANGER, ENVY, SORROW, PAIN, HAPPINESS, JOY, HEAT, COLD, UR GOD/MY GOD, UR COUNTRY/MY COUNTRY, UR MONEY/MY MONEY/UR LAND/MY LAND, UR FOOD/MY FOOD, UR WATER/MY WATER......Human Folly is Endless!!!

Its just a dream, so just let go...

Refer here for the Genetic Human Population Calculator:

And here for the Spreadsheet:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How did the Human Race Land on Earth or Are we Just Living an Illusion - Dream? - 2

Q:  Did the Human Race evolve from Monkeys over a span of millions of years?

Comment:  That is what Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution tells us.

Even if we assume this to be true, we are yet to find the missing transition link between monkey and man.

Picture of the mandible of the oldest Homo fossil found in Ethiopia
This jawbone from the place where it was spotted by Arizona State University grad student Chalachew Seyoum, puts the first members of the human genus Homo in the Afar region of Ethiopia half a million years earlier than previously thought.
Photograph by Kaye Reed

A new reconstruction of this fossil Homo habilis skull, called Olduvai Hominid 7, finds a mix of primitive and more modern traits, including a larger brain than previously thought, suggesting a big-brained common ancestor in the Homo lineage.

Photograph by John Reader

"The new Ethiopian fossil, announced online by the journal Science, pushes the arrival of Homo on the East African landscape back almost half a million years, to 2.8 million years ago. The date is tantalizingly close to the last known appearance, around three million years ago, of Australopithecus afarensis, an upright-walking, small-brained species best known from the skeleton called Lucy, believed by many scientists to be the direct ancestor of our genus. The new jaw, known as LD 350-1, was found in January 2013 just a dozen miles from where Lucy was found in 1974."

This is Archaeology and Carbon Dating Science at its best with all its Human Limitations.

If Human beings existed 2.8 million to 3 million years ago on earth, and then if u extrapolate the Human Genetic Population Calculator back to 3 million years, we only have a huge Population Explosion of Human beings on Earth.  If u extrapolate it back to a few million years for man to evolve from monkeys, then we have an Earth INFESTED by monkeys.

"Prehistory begins in the Paleolithic Era, or "Early Stone Age," which is followed by the Neolithic Era, or New Stone Age, and the Agricultural Revolution (between 8000 and 5000 BCE) in the Fertile Crescent"

This image depicts the Earliest Human Civilizations on Earth from 3000 BC to 1000 AD.

The earliest human civilizations from 3000 BC, would need to have a human population of a few zillions just for me to have been born in the 20th century.

File:World population growth (lin-log scale).png
I am told by the Scientific Community that the Human Population grew on a linear scale from 10 million in 10,000 BC to 7.000 million in 2000 AD in a linear fashion.  Compare this to the Human Genetic Population Calculator and again the numbers do not add up nor does the linear scale add up.

One is not demeaning Science or Scientists.  Science with Technology has provided Human Beings so-called Comforts (along with side effects).  Yet Science with Technology has Limitations.  The Limitation of being a Human Being in a Human Body.

The Scientific data about how human beings came to exist on earth does not add up to simple mathematical common sense.  I need a pair of human beings to produce me.  This pair needs another two pairs of human beings to produce them.  Again, these two pairs need another four pairs of human beings to produce them...and so on...

Refer here for the Genetic Human Population Calculator:

And here for the Spreadsheet:

Monday, November 10, 2014

How did the Human Race Land on Earth or Are we Just Living an Illusion - Dream? - 1

There are umpteen theories about how human beings happened to be on this planet, both from the scientific community as well as philosophers, Sages, Saints, Masters, Gurus....

There is no solid evidence yet for any of these theories except for some archaeological finds here and there coupled with carbon dating technology.  Of course, we all learned in school that Charles Darwin made a monkey out of us but even that is just a Theory.

So how did we land on earth?

The simple answer to that would be "from my mother's womb," after some help from my father.  But then, where did my mother and father come from?  The simple answer to that would be from each of their father and mother.

So let us put some numbers to this.  I was 1.  This 1 came from 2 (mother and father).  The 2 came from 4 (each of their mother and father).  If we extrapolate this back in time, the 4 came from 8, the 8 came from 16, the 16 came from 32...

One fine morning as I was processing (thinking) random data from my database (information stored in the gross brain + each gross body cell + maybe the subtle body database and the superconscious database/we do not know) - the above numbering game suddenly struck me out of the blue.

It is a fact that:
1.  Human beings reproduce sexually and NOT ASEXUALLY.

2.  For each human entity to land on earth, two other adult human beings (a PAIR) are necessary.

3.  For those two adult human beings to have landed on earth earlier, two more PAIRS of adult human beings are necessary.

4.  For those two pairs of human beings to have landed on earth, four more pairs of human beings should have landed on earth earlier.

5....and so on....

As I went back into time with these numbers, the History of the Human Race on Earth that had been fed into my database from my schooldays completely turned upside down.  Everything seemed to be a big LIE.

I put all the numbers on a simple excel sheet.  The first column is the historical date.

The second column shows the human population required on that date so that I could be born in the 20th century.

The third column shows the current population on earth estimated at approximately 7 billion.

It is safely assumed that three generations of a family would have been born and existed every century, four generations existing in a century is rare.

Here it is:

Human Year Population required for a human's birth on earth Current population on earth
200 BC 4,611,686,018,427,390,000
0 576,460,752,303,423,000
100 AD 72,057,594,037,927,900
200 AD 9,007,199,254,740,990
300 AD 1,125,899,906,842,620
400 AD 140,737,488,355,328
500 AD 17,592,186,044,416
600 AD 2,199,023,255,552
700 AD 274,877,906,944
800 AD 34,359,738,368
900 AD 4,294,967,296
1000 AD 536,870,912
1100 AD 67,108,864
1200 AD 8,388,608
1300 AD 1,048,576
1400 AD 131,072
1500 AD 16,384
1600 AD 2,048
1700 AD 256
1800 AD 32
1900 AD 4
2000 AD 1 700,00.00.000

Now tell me if we have a population of 7 billion people today what should have been the population of this planet any time in the past.  Choose whichever year that suits you.

Even taking into account cross-genetic relationships like:
1.  Siblings having the same parents.
2.  Siblings of one parent marrying siblings of another parent.
Yet the numbers do not add up.

Another argument would be that there could be adoptions (But even an adopted child would necessarily need a PAIR of humans to land on earth).

Or u might say that human life spans could have been longer in olden times - But then human beings died of disease, wars, etc in the hordes too.  Also, even if life spans had been longer, the reproductive age remains the same.  In fact human beings married early in olden times.

All in all, this simple excel spreadsheet has turned Human History upside down.

There is a simple disconnect here between the facts and the theories.

What is going on?  Did we never land on earth?  Are we just living an illusion or a dream?

Is there nothing at all, nothing?????.

Simple arithmetic...No rocket science or exotic jargon...

SPREADSHEET (The Human Genetic Population Calculator).